We strive to make the best first and last impression for your business!
PRESIDENTIAL PARKING, LTD has established itself as a benchmark in the specialized field of personalized valet attendant. Our experience and chivalry service will make your parking operation a seamless addition to the atmosphere of excellence and professionalism you strive to convey inside your establishment. Our on-going commitment is to ensure the highest level of quality service in all our operations.

Our employees at PRESIDENTIAL PARKING, LTD meet regularly to communicate ideas and issues related to the continuing improvement of our services to our clients. Our management is "hands-on" at every level, resulting in an unsurpassed level of service for your property. We do not just take your car and park it. We make sure that everyone is taken care of from the moment they step out of the car. From top to bottom, our formula for success is based on one underlying principal, CHIVALRY SERVICE.
20 years
experience in parking industry
more than 100
over 1000
special events
Recruiting and training new service personnel is our priority and we have developed the highest industry standards for service.
Presidential Parking maintains Comprehensive General Liability Insurance and Excess Liability Policies with single combined limits of $5,000,000.
We control the workflow 24/7 and are always in touch.
Also relying on great experience is always one step ahead, be it bad weather or other obstacles.
Valet for Private Events
Valet for Medical Centers
Restaurant Valet Service
Office Buildings
Valet Attendant Service
Hotel Valet Service
Not only do we specialize in valet, but we also provide the following services:
Garage Management
Traffic control
Coat Check
Country Clubs
Contact us:
Phone: (847) 800-4587
E-mail: Peter@presidential-parking.com

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